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Welcome to Northeast Mastiffs 

It all began when my wife traveled throughout New England for work and encountered a few Mastiffs here and there. Usually laying on a couch or chair they were each happy to oblige this lady that carried dog cookies who wanted to give them scratches and love. She said she wanted a Mastiff and that they were big. At the time we had a Pug and a Boxer. I grew up on a dairy and we always had Dobermans so I thought I knew what she meant by big.
This was back when you bought the ADvertiser magazine each week and perused the pet section. My wife's friend called and said there were Mastiff puppies! Next thing I know we're meeting a guy at an exit just before NH. From a distance I saw the truck and asked what is that in the back? That's the Dad she tells me. We see the litter, chose a female puppy and had to walk by the huge Mom and Dad with their baby. My wife carried her out. Her name was Greta and we were hooked on the Mastiff breed.  
We went back to the same breeder and got Humphrey about a year later. Humphrey was a sweet dog in a broken body. We learned a lot from Humphrey and at 18 months we did the right thing and ended his pain because all the money in the world along with best intentions sometimes just aren't enough.  
We began researching and managed to get in contact with a respected breeder in Virginia so in November 2001 we drove down and returned with Higgins our first show dog and first champion. Through Dog Showing we met and became good friends with Jim Shea, you probably know him - it seems everyone does! Jim handles our dogs in the show ring and makes it look so easy.
We are members of the Hockamock Kennel Club, the Mastiff Club of New England and share our home with Mastiffs, Bulldogs, a Frenchie, a cat, 4 Macaws, a pair of Eclectus , 2 Amazon Parrots, Chickens, tropical and goldfish.  
We breed our dogs so we can stay engaged in Showing. We research pedigrees and do the very best we can to produce sound puppies. We are dedicated to breeding the best Mastiffs that we can. We promise to always work with you and provide guidance based upon our experience. 
Please enjoy our news, photos and information on our site.
Jim, Ellen & Jim - Northeast Mastiffs